Run 87 – Park Street, Greville, Towpath 10k Practice

Date: Thurs 17th April 2014 17:44

Distance: (3.35+) 10km

Time: (17:42+) 47:28

Pace: (5:17+) 4:45min/km

Description: First run with new Camelbak Volt. Stable. Run up Park Street wasn’t recorded. Stopped by Bike UK shop and found an old friend working there. Recorded run started from there, down Park Street, past Arnoldfini, across both rivers and along to Greville Smyth park. Bit of another stretch, before starting the 10k Towpath practice run. Didn’t feel as fast, and light on foot and as energetic as I’d hoped. Perhaps it was the bag, although I hardly noticed it. First half I was happy to go heel and toe, but return leg I tried a better style. Think this was again of being low on energy, or being weighted down. After finishing, my legs weren’t burning, but I did feel tired. Still, I did match my last Towpath time, this time with a bag, so this has to be seen as a small improvement. REALLY need to work on some speed runs! At this rate I’ll be lucky to break sub45, let alone 42:30!

Run 87a – Park Street to Greville

Run 87a

Run 87b – Towpath 10k Practice with Bag

Run 87b

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