Run 92 – Highwood Fast 10k

Date: Sunday 4th May 12:30pm

Distance: 10.0km

Time: 44:46

Pace: 4:29mn/km

Description: Well!…COME ON!!! 😀 😀

There was me, running 5k at 4:25min/km thinking “How on Earth am I meant to keep this up for a full 10k?!”  Well, with a weeks rest, a 5.5km warm-up right before, no gels, no water, I somehow pull 44:46 out of the bag.  FANTASTIC!!  Overjoyed with my first sub 45, my second PB of the year (third if you include the marathon).  Faster? Sort of.  My Bristol half pace was 4:27min/km and Towpath 5k was 4:15min/km.  So I still don’t think I’m faster than I was at the end of last summer, but I’m faster than I was a year ago!

Anyways, warm up was at 5min/km pace, then upped to 4:30 for the next 5k.  Didn’t know how I was gonna maintain that for another 5k, you’re so tired.  You desperately want to stop and give up, but that’s accepting DEFEAT, and the desire to beat that time, or get as close to it as possible, keeps you going.  You notice your concentration lapses, so you have to keep refocusing on running technique to stop it getting sloppy.  The new running style really seemed to work, it’s like bouncing on air, and no jip from the calves this time.  Exhausted, you keep trying to increase your pace a bit, you see your average pace coming down, you go for longer, the pace keeps getting better and you realise that you have nothing to loose by pushing hard until the end.  I’m below 4:30 with only a few hundred meters to go.  I know it’s gonna be sub45!

Now I just need to kill the remaining 47seconds next weekend and I’ll be happy!  The buzz of the day, a gentle week and carb loading should hopefully make it possible despite the dodgy weather forecast!


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