Run 95 – Cheddar Gorge Challenge – 10k

Date: Sunday 18th May 11:15am

Distance: 10.0km

Time: 54:25

Pace: 4:29min/km

Description: I’m standing on the top of the cliff, looking down into the Cheddar Gorge, taking it in and thinking it’s great to be back. The first of the Cheddar Gorge Challenge races, a 10k. It’s tougher than I remembered. The 10k course carried on much further up Velvet Bottom (no smirking) than the half last year. It seemed to go on and on. Knackered myself out going out, and coming back was tough. The Hell Steps were horrific. Would have been happier with a sub 50, but a sub 60, and a sub 55 isn’t too bad all things considered. I just didn’t feel as though I “owned” this as much as last year.


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