Run 93 – Bristol 10k Race 2014

Date: Sunday 11th May 09:30pm

Distance: 10.0km

Time: 44:40

Pace: 4:28mn/km

Description: The big day! Massive pressure!

30seconds too slow 😦 Pretty gutted.  It wasn’t the underline that I wanted.

Work this week has been really busy.  Was in the office until Saturday evening.  Managed to cook some sweet potato in the office in the afternoons during the week, but didn’t really feel that I’d carbed up much.  Really nervous, so not much sleep.  Up early, three crumpets and jam.

Weather on Saturday was very windy and rainy.  By morning the wind has eased off, but it still looked pretty manky.  But by race start it wasn’t too bad.

The run itself didn’t feel fantastic.  I’m trying to run my fast races this year without energy gels.  My start wasn’t particularly fast, but this felt tougher than my run last weekend.  I should be enjoying the atmosphere around me, but instead I’m just thinking about how tired I’m starting to feel, and I’m not even off the Portway yet.  I get onto the back straight, and Oh My God I wish I’d run this route earlier this week.  I knew this road was long and had a hill but jees! On and on and on.  Still pretty much on pace, but I’m shatterd and so fed up.  I’m running up this eternal road thinking all I want to do is give up, ease up and tell myself I’ve done enough.  Give up.

But I haven’t, so I can’t  Oh Jesus and then theres the hill.  Where’ my final stage mojo?  It finally makes a bit of an appearance once I turn past the corner off the neverending road.  Over the cobbles.  Come on, you might still be okay for time, just keep it going.  Don’t let up.  Round the centre.  Let’s just try and keep up with this guy.  Oh great, another sprint finisher.  The b@st@rd!  Come on.  Last corner.  Finish line in sight, and clock is reading about a minute more than I want to see. Damn.  I cross the line and stop the GPS.  44:42.  Shitty f**ksticks.  30 seconds for Christs sake and I could of had it!  Yet again, so close, but too slow.

I’m in a pretty dumpish mood for at least a couple of days after that.  But I met up with some mates afterwards, who were pleased with their times, so that was nice.  As well as the running club.  But I went home in the afternoon and was a vegetable for the rest of the day.

But in the hours and days that followed, I forced myself to at least acknowledge the positives.  Part of the reason why I think I missed out was keeping to my GPS pace.  That was saying 4:24! Well on target.  And by the end it was 4:22min/km (7min/mile).  But I also ended up running 10.2km, hence the longer time.  So next time, be 5sec faster than GPS pace to be sure!

Also, that’s two runs now at sub45.  I can safely say that I’m back up to fitness after three months off at the end of last year.  I’ve got a better running style.  I DID IT WITHOUT ANY ENERGY GELS! And no water, maybe I should have grabbed some halfway.  I’m closing the gap to my target times.  Am I faster than I was at the end of last summer?  Not sure.  The Towpath 5k and Bristol Half were pretty bloody fast paces.  But this is a great place to be coming in to the start of summer.


Race number 1904:


Next Round: Towpath Series: Race #1 (10k)

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