Run 99 – Ashton Court, Towpath, Nightingale

Date: Sunday 1st June 5:15pm

Distance: (3.23+) 5.00km (+20.62)

Time: (17:39+) 28:15 (+2:40:07)

Pace: (5:28+) 5:38min/km (+7:46)

Description: What a slog! This was not fun at all. Warm up was quicker, Ashton Court was slower, due in part to the bag. And then the Towpath. First an ascent up Nightingale and back down. I mamage to pace a couple of runners for a bit along the Towpath, but then it starts getting tough. I need to break this now jog into 2.5k sections by walking. I force myself to go on to Pill as I want to break 30k. But coming back was a really tedious. I convince myself to do the second Nightingale ascent. It’s stupidly humid. And I have to push until th end in oder to catch my bus! I just make it, but I’m exhausted and fed up! Not looking forward to Scafell!





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