Run 106 – SRC Chocolate, Nightingale x2, Leigh Woods

Date: Thursday 19th June 6:30am

Distance: 12km

Time: 1:06:49

Pace: 16:13min/km

Description: I felt fine on the Monday after the Scafell Marathon. Good to know for next time. But I was up in Worcester on Tuesday so the next SRC I could make was Thursday. And I wanted to do a mixture of Towpath, with technical Nightingale Valley stuff, combined with a few intervals. So I plucked up the courage at the SRC meeting to say what I wanted to do. A couple of guys joined me who were after a faster paced run. Well these guys gave me a run for my money. The interval stuff on the way out was new to everyone, and bloody tough. Made going up nightingale, not once but twice extremely hard going. I want to throw up. Just as I’m ready to head back to the club for the England game, one of the guys says he knows Leigh woods very well, so we have a cruise around there for a while as I recount my learning experience of the past weekend. Turns out they guys a fell runner. As we run back, we join another group along the Chocolate Path. The game was tense, but a fantastic evening.


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