New Wheels – My Bike!

Got a new bike today!

A while ago, I got a cheap folding bike. It was heavy. It still wasn’t small when if folded in half. But it was cheap. And as a result I hardly ever used it. Fast forward to 2014, when experience is showing me that you get what you pay for. Last summer a mate let me use his full suspension bike around the Leigh Woods trails and it totally redefined what biking was to me. Up until that point I’d ridden heavy rigid bikes down some gravel tracks, or on the road. Riding over a curb was as extreme as it had gotten. Now here I am, sitting in the saddle with the back end sinking every time I put force on the pedals. Here I am in 2013, riding over big rocks like they are sponges. And the trails? Weeeee….!!!!

Never had I had so much fun on a bike. And I vowed that day that I’d get a full sus that summer! But in the end, it took a back seat (saddle) to the running and the hiking last year. But I got round to rectifying that this summer. Work has done several bike to work schemes, but since their terms and conditions have changed, it isn’t very appealing to me, especially when I was thinking that a good second hand full suspension would be better than a brand new hardtail.

But the more I looked around for bikes this summer, I changed my philosophy. Yes, I’d want a new bike, with the warranties and assurances that the mechanisms were all in good condition. You can get some cheap pieces of crap of full sus for under £500. The cheapest, non-shit one was around this price. But it weighed a ton, brakes were iffy. Instead, it became apparent that what I was looking for was a top end entry level hard tail, not go for the cheapest option, but the best I was willing to afford. It also became apparent that what you were really paying for was the level of brakes, gears etc, which made shopping around much less complicated. After a while, I really knew that I’d found the bike for me. An ex-display model, but still with warranties, nice feel and it looked amazing.

And so, this ex-display, 2014 Saracen Kili Trail, was my new baby!

Bring on the trails, the cross training and the adventures!



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