Running (The Race To Nowehre)

Why are you running?

Are you running from something, or towards something?

Is it from the shadow you try to escape, or do you chase the light that eludes you? From inadequacy, or towards acceptance?

Do you fight to overcome the cramp of rejection and regret?

Do you push in the hope of recognition and reconciliation?

Are you further, or closer than you were?

What have you gained, and what have you lost?

Have you been blinkered? Did the sweat get in your eye?

Do you now run alone, when before, you walked and danced with friends?

Have you finally realised you’re alone on this road as the light is fading? Are you injured? Do you need a shoulder?

Can we wipe the slate clean? GFY.

The race is over, the marshals have f**ked off home. Time has elapsed. They no longer care. Did they ever? Entrants run at their own risk.

You’re just another number.

Where are my emergency contact details now?

How do I find my way back?

Have I come too far?

Am I lost? I have so many, many questions.

Or am I found?

Can I still keep running?

What if I take out my earphones and listen to the crowd. Embrace the support and run closer to the edge.

Reach out your hand and tell me what you’ve found:

  •     Obsession. Ability. Camaraderie. Competition.
  •    Loneliness. Solitude.
  •    Losses. Gains.
  •    Pain. Disappointment. Ecstasy.
  •    Fire. Drive.
  •    Something worth living for.

The Edge.

 Matt Larmour, 14th July 2014.

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