August Cycling Update

Absolutely LOVING my bike! I’m so happy with it, and that I’m actually using it! So, as of Saturday 9th August, I’ve done 40 rides, been on the saddle for 15 hours and covered 200km with those pedals and tyres! I’ve also been doing a bit of further shopping for a bike rack, panniers and some more hiking gear.

There’s a BIG week coming up next! Bring on the adventure!

Run 114 – SRC Towpth + Bike Ride

Date: Tuesday 5th August 6:30pm

Distance: (9.21) +9.65 km

Time: (34:01) +49:07

Pace: (3:47) +5:05 min/km

Description: Rode down to the club just in the nick of time. I manage to convince Dave to do a Towpath group. There’s a pause and a stretch halfway through. Again, my pace isn’t fantastic. This cross training of riding down and running is a tough business. Getting there is downhill, but traffic is stressful. So I find the run harder, and I have to remember that I have to make it back up the hills to get back home another 10km away.