2015 Weekly Summary – Week 04

Number of Runs: 4

Total Distance: 80.50 km

Total Time: 8h 34m

Average Moving Pace: 8:18 min/km

Total Ascent: 1,237m

Summary: This week has gradually got better after the pit of Sunday. Set some new goals of 50km distance and 1,000m of ascent per week. I may not manage that every week, and based on my monthly marathon calendar and ultra training plans, it may be natural to cycle my distance every 4 weeks. Strava stats would certainly say this is the case, with an 80k, 50k, 30k, 80k pattern appearing so far this year.

Around 15k on Tuesday with some fairly good Bridge Valley hill reps of reasonable effort. Decided to go all the way and become a premium member of Strava, and I can say that I love the race stats and heart rate zones! Geek-data-tastic! Thursday was meant to be a rest day, but couldn’t resist a 13km head torch run around Leigh Woods. Slower than hoped and didn’t get on to the Towpath, which was probably a good thing! Already on around 25km and over 500m ascent already. Then came the trail marathon on Saturday. With a sports massage and a cold leg bath afterwards, Sunday’s legs were pretty fresh. At 72.5km, I added a gentle 8km recovery run to bump this week’s total distance over 80km and ascent through the roof to over 1,200m! (As of Sunday night I’m number 1 for Southville in distance and ascent! Thank you Strava!)

I may not be winning races, and I may never be fast “enough”. But I can be proud that these little legs of mine can now take me over and across so much beautiful landscape! This week I realised that I can run again the day after a marathon, and now those multi-day ultras seem a bit more achievable!


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