Run 159 – Grassy Little Stoke Recovery?

Date:  Sunday 25th January 2015 2:15pm

Distance: 8.01 km

Time: 46:36

Pace: 5:44 min/km

Description: The “Recovery” run? What’s a recovery run meant to be or do anyways? Apparently it’s an active recovery:

“Low Intensity” is the key. It may be sore and stiff at first, but after a while things are supposed to loosen up and the additional blood flow is supposed to improve lactic acid removal and muscle repair.

So this supposed recovery run was actually an excuse to get out, push my weekly mileage up and hopefully secure my number one place on the Southville Strava leader board. I wanted a steady 6:00min/km, but going round Little Stoke it was difficult to go any slower. What maybe should have been a gentle 5k, was now turning more in to a 7k by the time I return home. If I go a few extra hundred meters that will be 8km and I’ll have done over 80km in total this week! I wanted that top spot, and I wanted that nice round number.

But actually, was I undoing all the good work of the massage and cold bath in the space of a few minutes? When I started the run, I felt so fresh! Like I hadn’t done a marathon before! But by the end I’m wondering if I’ll feel this the day after tomorrow?

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