Quarterly Progress Report – 2015 Q1



Work towards getting a sub20 5k at Aztec or Parkrun!


Week 01
Week 02
Week 03 – Sun 18th – Bath Skyline 10k Trail #3 – COMPLETED (1:02:29)
Week 04 – Sun 24th – Rok The Stones Trail Marathon – COMPLETED (5:51:50)
Week 05 – Tue 27th – Aztec West Fast 5k – COMPLETED (19:35)


Bagged the sub20 5k! Oh Lord thank you! What a way to end January. It started still in the glow of completing 75km on New Year’s Eve. Made some new friends that way, and through weekend recce runs for Rok the Stones. Also joined STRAVA, which again made me feel part of a community and get even more competitive.

Having had a bit of time for the sub20 5k to sink in, it’s time to regroup and look ahead…



So, main goal for February is to bag a sub32 8k at Weston Prom, leading to a sub40 10k time. A sub18 5k is on the radar as a secondary by-product, but that’s unlikely at the next Aztec 5k.

Maintain average of 500-1,000m ascent and 50km distance per week.

1 to 2 30min-1hour swimming sessions per week as active recovery, cross training, core and upper body strengthening. And get doing some yoga!

Start Wednesday track sessions at WISE and start to get some proper coaching advice with Bristol and West AC. To facilitate this, I should go a gait analysis and V02 Max calculation. I’d also like to confirm my heart rate zones.


Week 06
Week 07 – Sun 15th – Bath Skyline 10k Trail Race #4 – ENTERED
Week 08 – Sun 22th – Heartbreaker Trail Marathon – ENTERED Week 09 – Tue 24th – Aztec West Fast 5k
– Thu 26th – Weston Prom 8k
– Sun 1st – Newport Half Marathon – ENTERED







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