Run 86 – SRC Extended Nightingale Ashton 15k

Date: Tues 15th April 2014 18:38

Distance: 16.2km

Time: 1:36:33

Pace: 5:57min/km

Description: Great weather, lovely sunny evening.  Run along Towpath until Nightingale Valley. Two and a half times up and down.  Good combination of flat and hills.  Very technical, achieved a nice focused, un-distracted state of mind running down, totally focused on the ground ahead of you.  Good run up the gravel track at Ashton Court and a run through the woods with a couple of guys who wanted a longer run.  Back past criket ground and Greville Smyth and North Road.  Would be nice to combine further along Towpath, with Nightingale, or other paths up in to Leigh Woods, in to Ashton Court, through the Woods, and back along the Chocolate Path.  Not the fastest run, but a nice medium distance run.  Hopefully do a faster, more serious 5 or 10k run on Thursday, possibly closer to home.

RUN 86


Crib Goch North Ridge

Posted by MRClarke1987 on YouTube.

“Exposure” they call it. A deceptively benign word for being inches and/or a hand hold away from a 100m fall and death.

Having gained some advice, seen more photos, watched more videos and read more about the people who DO fall and die each year on Crib Goch, I may work up to this one! A bit more bouldering, climbing and scrambling required first me thinks!

One day I’ll make it!

Run 85 – RACE – Ashton Court Parkrun #150

Date: Sat 12th April 2014 09:06

Distance: 5k

Time: 22:25! (PB!)

Pace: 4:31min/km

Description: Fantastic new time for AC Parkrun: 22m25s!

Couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  And it didn’t feel too dreadful either.  (Maybe that’s down to getting some breakfast, a later bus, a caffeine gel, and small warm up to get the heart rate up.) Makes up for the 24:27 and hyperventilating of a few weeks ago and trumps the 23:29 of last August.

Starting to get to where I want to be with that hill.

Ashton Court Parkrun #150

RUN 85 – Ashton Court Parkrun #150



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