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Run 112 – SRC Nightingale Nightmare Route

Date: Thursday 10th July 6:30pm

Distance: (2.16) +9.77 (+2.11) km

Time: (10:30) +48:58 (+10:57)

Pace: (4:53) +5:01 (+5:11) min/km

Description: The stats in parenthesis (brackets…yes I’m an engineer) address the run out and run back, while the middle data reflect the course route, which is just shy of 10k.

As an engineer, nerd, geek, OC, whatever, I love my data.  I love looking at it on the run from my Garmin 310X (The Forerunner 10  just wasn’t as accurate or have enough information gathering capabilities). Elapsed time, distance and average pace are not enough. Elevation, ascent gain, time of day, heart rate, lap pace (I can set my lap/split distance), sunset time (useful when hiking), favourite GPS locations (useful for finding that camping spot on Cribyn at 11pm),…etc are all great to know.  I can get back home, upload it to Garmin website and look at my splits, routes, pace vs distance etc.  I can see where I’ve been, see the points where I had great pace, and the places where I was bogged down.  I can even import it into excel, and overlay similar runs to see the differences.  I did this to understand the Ashton Court parkrun and see where I could make up time.  I felt like an F1 race engineer at times.  Sometimes I get to a stage in a run or a race and I don’t want to know at the time.  But I like having the data, as a sort of memento of each run.

And it leads in to the question of why I try to keep a log at all.  Why not just go out and run, and let it only exist in the present.  Well, every run I do I see as a small miracle.  That just like my first, I find it incredible that I’m dragging myself outside, breaking into a trot, a sweat and laboured breathing.  This isn’t a granted.  Two years ago I wouldn’t run for a bus.  So every run is precious to me.  EVRY single run makes me stronger, makes me a better person.  Every run is an adventure, a lesson.  Something to use for the future, lest we forget it!  So that’s why it’s very important to me to save it on GPS, and if possible write a bit about it!

As for the run, it was horrible.  Seemed to go on forever through Leigh Woods…and then we pop out on to the Towpath miles from home.  The last run along that path just went on and on with monotony!  But there’s always next time!