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Run 101 – Dresden Park

Date: Thursday 5th June 8:30pm

Distance: 7.28km

Time: 43:06

Pace: 5:55min/km

Description: My last visit to Dresden. I’ve wanted to see what the park is like. It’s been raining it’s humid and I’ve been travelling for 12 hours. So maybe I shouldn’t expect blistering times, and I need an early night, so I can’t go too far either. This jog was a combination of shopping, getting lost, and doing a very small number of interval sprints. Not very fast tonight. But it was nice to see the park.

Auf wiedersehen, Dresden.



Run 97 – Dresden Intervals

Date: Tuesday 27th May 9:00pm

Distance: 5.0km

Time: 24:52

Pace: 4:58min/km

Description: Intervals! Need more intervals in my life. So here I am again, making the most of my time in Germany. First interval feels blinding, but I can only hold on around 40seconds. I get slower each time. Not the best, and shorter than I’d hoped. But better than nothing!




Date: Saturday 26th April 2014 8pm

Distance: 11.96km

Time: 58:01

Pace: 5:18mn/km

Description: Hamburg Baby! Fantastic to be back in Germany.  This time in Hamburg.  Not the fastest run, but I wasn’t getting overtaken by anyone either.  They must all be ramping down for the Hamburg Marathon the weekend after! Very jealous.  Maybe next jahr?!