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Run 96 – South Downs Half Marathon

Date: Sunday 25th May 16:45pm

Distance: 22.0km

Time: 2:07:32

Pace: 5:48min/km

Description: Not an official race. But it was warm, and wanted to limber up for the Cheddar Half and Scafell Marathon! About a minute over my stormin’ tie at the Cheddar Half last year, but this time without any gels! And 400m of ascent! Took a bottle of PowerAde. Managed a steady jog up the hills. Some amazing views and nice technical bits to focus running down. And a good pace at the end. Felt great, despite the heat. Runs like these, in this scenery, hills, cliffs, the sea, make the soul contented. Love running. Pretty damn pleased about this. Everything apart from the cows. Ain’t no way I’m running through THAT field! Back the way I came!



Run 85 – RACE – Ashton Court Parkrun #150

Date: Sat 12th April 2014 09:06

Distance: 5k

Time: 22:25! (PB!)

Pace: 4:31min/km

Description: Fantastic new time for AC Parkrun: 22m25s!

Couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  And it didn’t feel too dreadful either.  (Maybe that’s down to getting some breakfast, a later bus, a caffeine gel, and small warm up to get the heart rate up.) Makes up for the 24:27 and hyperventilating of a few weeks ago and trumps the 23:29 of last August.

Starting to get to where I want to be with that hill.

Ashton Court Parkrun #150

RUN 85 – Ashton Court Parkrun #150