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Run 104 – Keswick Stone Circles

Date: Saturday 14th June 7:30pm

Distance: 12.90km

Time: 2:32:01

Pace: 11:47min/km

Description: Given the amazing scenery of the Lake District, and finding there was a Stone Circle not so far away from where we were staying in Keswick, it was hard to resist going for a gentle run this evening.

Not quite as mystical as we’d hoped, given the sheep, photographers and tourist, but still very cool. We make it back and grab a Chinese and eat it on a bench overlooking Derwent Water as the sky is still light at 11pm.

I ask what do you see when you see those hills and mountains in front? A 50:50 mixture of apprehension and excitement. For me, those thin track lines meandering up the side to the top are just calling to me. The cloud veiled summits are the goal. I want to be in the sky.

Can’t wait to get to work on them in ten hours!