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Run 161 – SRC Tear Away Ashton Blackout

Date:  Thursday 29th January 2015 6:30pm

Distance: 10.83 km

Time: 54:44 [53:16 moving]

Pace: 5:03 [4:56 moving] min/km

Description: Had enough of muddy fields and tarmac for this week. Heart wanted some hills and gravel tracks. Turns out I was the only one who did. So after starting out with another group, I had to pack it in and turn round. I think heart probably wanted to run alone tonight. Running at my own pace up to the top of Ashton Court through the deer park in darkness was what I needed. Avoiding puddles and hoping for no surprises. I reach the turning point once again. Full beam on for the stony descent.

Slower than hoped, legs burning up hill but with a push on the flat at the end. Very little energy tonight and maybe not the best stretching before. (Maybe that’s why the quads burn!)