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Cycle Ride – Offroad at UWE

Date: Wednesday 23rd July 5:00pm

Distance: 15.76 km

Time: 1:43:58

Description: I hate the pedals on my bike. So I got a new pair. Much grippier. But they’re gonna rip my legs to shreds. Anyways, after a ride to Uni, it was a overly sunny late afternoon. There were some woods, trails and hills nearby, so I thought it was about time I got my mountain off the tarmac and onto the terrain its designed for.


First riding over freshly cut grass, across the fields, through the woods, over braches (there goes my shin), speeding down long downhills, and slowly back up and back home. This is what the bike was made for, and I’m sure it’s grateful for its first proper outing. It’s finally got some mud on it. And a bit of blood. Christened!