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Run 163 – TACH Purdown Moonlighting

Date:  Tuesday 3rd February 2015 6:45pm

Distance: 7.7 + 7.4 + 5.5 + 1.0 = 21.6 km

Time: 37:24 + 45:53 + 27:32 + 6:50 = 1:57: 39

Pace: 4:51 + 6:12 + 5:00 + 6:50 = 5:27 min/km

Description: Was planning on an SRC Towpath “race” tonight, or maybe just see what was there when I got down there. However, after recently joining the TACH Facebook group, a post about an evening head torch run around Purdown hills sounded brilliant. Something a bit different.

Run out to Purdown, was trying to be fast, but still too damn slow! But the heart rate never lies, and obviously wasn’t high enough! The run was different, past Little Stoke, past Parkway, round and through UWE, down the hill on Purdown. But under the motorway, this was familiar territory. Got there just before 7:20pm. No sign of anyone until 7:30pm. First run with TACH. Couldn’t resist the idea of a frosty headtorch run around the hills of Purdown. Reality didn’t disappoint. Small group of 4 to 5, great company. Fun exercises skipping up steps for balance. Some tough hill circuits. But running across the hills by moonlight, frost crackling underfoot, the city lights shimmering to the left: fantastic.

Attempt at fast run back. Felt more awake, but it’s easier when you’re going slightly downhill. Still ended up being stupidly slow. 1km cool down from the gym. Not swimming tonight, prefer the idea of a foam roller, dinner and bed!