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Run 164 – B&WAC WISE Pyramids

Date:  Wednesday 4th February 2015 6:30pm

Distance: [2.1] + 7.3 [+ 4.0] = 13.2km

Time: [12:03] + 14:54 intervals only [+ 24:35] = 51:32

Pace: [6:01] + 3:37 [+6:09] = 3:54 min/km

Description: After getting changed at work, it’s a gentle 2k jog with the hoodie and Camelbak rucksack to WISE track. Turn up early, and the guys on reception suggest I go round the back where the track is. I’m there, but no one else is around. Then an older chap turns up, who turns out to be Chris, the gentleman who sent me the email after Aztec West 5k inviting me along.

We have a good chat, telling me about the lie of the land with regards to other clubs (particularly Westbury). Happy for people to come along from any club or not and pay the £2 to support the use of the track. Happy, as long as there’s no poaching or hypocrisy. Sounds fair.

Other people slowly turn up, it’s not a huge group, but he introduces me to each person as they arrive, which is really nice. There’s a sub20 group, but considering the 21k I did last night and how I’m feeling, I’ll start with the 20-25 group.

The warm up exercises are just what I’ve been after, something more structured. And it helps, because it’s bloody cold tonight with a slight breeze that goes right through you. After that it’s simply 400m, 800m, 1600m, 800m, 400m intervals with 400m recovery in between. Unfortunately I haven’t got the Garmin optimised for intervals, and hence only recorded the speed sessions and not recovery. Full distance was 7.2km including track warm up and cool down and recovery laps. Each lap is 400m.

[400m 1m26s 3:35/km]

[800m 2m56s 3:40/km]

[1600m 6m14s 3:54/km]

[800m 3m03s 3:49/km]

[400m 1m15s 3:08/km]

I really enjoyed it. I found the recovery laps perhaps too leisurely at first, but I wasn’t at the front, just trying to keep up with the front runners. Particularly remember a great battle on last 200m. And the pace trace is very telling! I sped up and over took one chap. Then, as we enter the corner he seems to take back the place. My trace clearly shows a sharp drop in pace, as if I’m giving up once I see him overtaking me. This out-psyching often happens during the end of races. Fascinating. But then when we rounded the corner to the final straight I had to give it my all.

Running, focusing on a point far in the distance, arms swinging, head and chest up, trying to kill thought and emotion in order to run faster, further. The legs are robotic, and what’s left is becoming too. Faster! Accelerate! Faster! I start to overtake him. I’m not letting up. Accelerating. It’s like the end of Blaise again. Come on! I shoot past the finish line ahead. Too fucking right! I stop the Garmin. Damn good pace on that one. I feel the time killer rising up in me again, blood boiling. It is in THIS moment, that I’ll become faster in training. I NEED this competitiveness. Racing is the best sort of training, as is being demonstrated!

I tell the guy well done and thank him for a tough finish. Any runners that I passed I said well done in the SRC tradition. Jogging around on the cool down, it was nice to hear feedback on SRC how we cheer on runners from all clubs, particularly at the Towpath.

The chap is also telling me some really interesting stuff, particularly about the possibility of joining Bristol & West as my second club. Any races where Southville have a team, I’d enter under Southville. But if not, such as the Gwent and Midlands Leagues, I could be competing with Bristol and West. That would be fun! It was also interesting to hear that Bristol and West train on a Monday at Whitehall, Tuesday and Thursday at Combe Dingle and Wednesday at WISE. Hang on. Yup, apparently it’s Bristol & West coaches taking the interval sessions on a Thursday at Combe Dingle. Other clubs are welcome to use them of course, and do, it seems. Noted!

So, post Aztec, February is bringing a new phase on the war on time. Even more determination and focus, gym membership and recovery swims, track sessions with Bristol and West, hills with TACH. Thinking back to all those positive comments I received following my first sub20 5k, they were very similar to things I first thought when I first started seeing sub20 race results. “Fuck that’s fast!” “How is that even possible?” I’ve just to think back to how I thought exactly that about a 1:43 half marathon time…just before I smashed that by 5 minutes. It’s just a function of time and effort!

Happy with tonight’s session for starters, considering the 21km last night and how unfresh my legs are! Despite the perceived effort tonight, the heart rate says otherwise. Remember, if it’s not 100% anaerobic, I’m obviously not trying hard enough! Go hard, or go home! Next week, I’ll change to a Monday run with a Tuesday recovery (swim/yoga or gentle SRC run?) before I’ll go with the faster group next Wednesday. I wanna see those times fall! According to Chris, if I want to be sub40, I need to be running a 5k in 19:25. Sub32 8k, Sub18 5k.

Gentle 4k jog back to Patchway. Legs and feet huurrt! Recovery day tomorrow I think before this all catches up with me.