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Being a fan of all things industrial, an article name with “The PowerStation” is gonna catch my eye! As part of the STRAVA Workout of the Week, when I read the article, it fit very nicely with last week’s revelation that I’ve been neglecting my hills over speed!


The PowerStation: 10km, with 8×30-second hill sprints @95% effort, walk down.

So based on 5:00min/km, that would be roughly 100m, which would nicely fit the A38 hill outside work that I’ve been eyeing up! I’d like to up this to 250m with a jog back, ten times to cover 5km. Perfect for right after work!

I’ve also been scoping out other hills. Bridge Valley seems to be really good. There are steeper, more technical climbs, and some short but steep road hills around. Also some just over the motorway near the house, so plenty to choose from! Also need to get back in to Ashton Court Park Run! (Once I’ve bagged my sub20 5k!)

Bring on the hill sprints!