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Date:  Tuesday 10th February 2015 7:45pm

Description: Ow. Ow, please don’t poke my shoulder. That’s what I’m saying days after doing this!

First yoga class tonight. Wore my usual running gear because I figure it fits and flexible enough. Turned up, nice mix of people. No one really talking much. There’s some mats, so everyone gets one and waits for the teacher to turn up. Starts off well, nice music, some cross legged meditation. Breathing in. Breathing out. Shanti, shanti shanti. Even after a few Sun Salutations I was thinking I’m getting in to this. Then some leg raisers. Okay. Then some upper body stuff. Nope, nope nope, nope. Arms shaking, sweat pouring off me. This is ridiculous! OK, no, now it get ridiculous, sticking my legs in the air, feeling really uncomfortably off balance. Not enjoying this. Oh and then some break dancing moves where I’m supposed to levitate on two hands while not face planting. And back to lying face up on the floor meditating. AArrghh. Aaahhh…

An interesting experience. Certainly doing it again, but some of the stuff I did not enjoy. Enjoyed the meditation, and the stretching, and possibly even the core stuff. But the upper body stuff was tough. But really didn’t enjoy the balance or contortion stuff.

Not sure how much this is gonna help running. Core hurts, shoulders are killing me. We shall see…