Run 88 – Sugarloaf Mountain Fell Race

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014 11am

Distance: 11.73km (530m ascent)

Time: 1:46:56

Pace: 9:07mn/km

Description: First fell race.  Cold start, and very windy on top.  But a sunny day, great views.  First 340m legs burned, but after that was a lot of fun.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.  Brilliant!

Crib Goch North Ridge

Posted by MRClarke1987 on YouTube.

“Exposure” they call it. A deceptively benign word for being inches and/or a hand hold away from a 100m fall and death.

Having gained some advice, seen more photos, watched more videos and read more about the people who DO fall and die each year on Crib Goch, I may work up to this one! A bit more bouldering, climbing and scrambling required first me thinks!

One day I’ll make it!