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2015 Weekly Summary – Week 05

Number of Runs: 3

Total Distance: 39.8 km

Total Time: 3h 32m

Average Moving Pace: 5:20 min/km

Total Ascent: 546m

Summary: I RAN MY FIRST SUB20 5K!!! I RAN MY FIRST SUB20 5K!!!

That’s the big news. Three days after a trail marathon as well, following a massage, cold bath and recovery run. And by some margin, 19:35 thanks to some excellent pacing help! Completely and utterly overjoyed with that result, despite certain other people unwilling to share in it.

Following the race, a lack of appetite on Tuesday and Wednesday meant Thursday was a knackering run, and again had no appetite. Friday was lunch-less, and Saturday was pretty light as well. It’s been weird having accomplished the 5k. Like, oh, so that’s finally done then, oh okay. And the euphoria stops after two days, and it’s a bit of a bump to earth. Mid-week has been pretty lame, but the cross country run on Sunday was a boost, albeit a slower than hoped one.

About 10km shy of my weekly 50km target, but considering last week was a bonkers 80km, I think I’m due a little recovery time. Hopefully following some mental, physical and emotional recovery, I’ll be back in to the thick of it next week working on those 8k and 10k times.

2015 Weekly Summary – Week 06

Number of Runs: 3

Total Distance: 45.2 km

Total Time: 4h 7m

Average Moving Pace: 5:28 min/km

Total Ascent: 315m

Summary: So, first week of Feb. Had a bit of time for last week to sink in. My response? What happens when the headwind strengthens? You grit your teeth and go all out! So this week I’ve spread the net. Monday – Joined the gym. Tuesday – Went for a hill run with Town and Country Harriers. Wednesday – did some proper drills and speed work on track with Bristol & West AC. And then I wrapped it up on Saturday with an 8k PB followed by hill sprints! Hit. Back. Harder.

The only problem is my calves. They feel like they have been ripped to shreds, malfunctioning! I’m not sure I can carry on at this intensity if I don’t get them sorted. BUT! Welcome to the next level. Shit just got serious in a practical way. The biggest boost is having a gym to go to for cross training and some more structured training with Bristol and West. This should hopefully start to level the playing field.