RUN 152 – Not the Little Stoke Park Run

Date:  Saturday 10th January 2015 4:00pm

Distance: 5.00 km

Time: 20:34

Pace: 4:07 min/km

Description: Not bad. Pretty happy.  11 seconds slower than the perfect Brighton PB, but still 34 seconds faster than my Little Stoke PR PB in Nov. 17 seconds faster than fastest Aztec.  But this is the place where it counts.

Today, if I’d been in the same place mentally as Thursday night, this would have been a PB. Probably much closer to that two zero.  But Thursday and Friday eating didn’t turn out too great, and despite going to bed early and enjoying the sound of the wind outside, I didn’t get a great night’s sleep.  So I wasn’t as fired up physically or mentally as I’d hoped.

I seemed so slow to get off the mark, and the first kilometre seems harder than it should have been.  The head wind on the subtly uphill straight didn’t help.  Second km seemed a bit better and I told myself that my body and heart rate just need to get up to speed and then it’ll be easier.  It was a little, both just under 4:00min/km, until the third, when my pace went off to 4:20min/km. That’s it I thought, no chance of a PB today, and I started the fourth km with a little less fire and a little less speed.  Fourth was still slow, but steady. If I can keep this up, maybe it won’t be horrendously slow.  Fifth and final I tried to speed up a bit, put in a bit more effort.  But I’ve left my warm flat, there’s no one here physically to fight and chase with, just me and my mind.  And a few dog walkers to avoid.  It might have been better if I’d been chased by a dog, but no such luck. But the time wasn’t too bad, and the distance was quickly passing.  Try as much as I can up the final straight, over the little ramp and thankfully at 5k I have a time of 20:34.  Bloody pleased it was under 21, and under my Aztec PB.  Would have been great to be 4 seconds faster, but I can live with that.  On a good day, there will be a better time!

Lessons. People can slow you down to begin with, but they can make you faster overall.  Perhaps the slight ease off of the third km gave me breathing space to attack on the final km.  I might get this PB if I do the first 2 on pace, 3rd just off, maybe 4:10, 4:15, then try and get back on to pace for the 4th and then just give 150% until you throw up or black out on the final.  We shall see what it takes!

Clothing: So, it’s been blowing a gale here, and although it’s mild for this time of year, I was considering my clothing options carefully before today’s run.  I’ve found the Helly Hansen tops fantastic, but wonder how they compare with my merino tops.  Should I wear the merino next to skin with HH on top, or vise-versa? This article helped:

I’ll concur that merino is GREAT for low stink.  But I don’t expect it to be so great at drying out when wet, but it’s warm and feels good next to skin.  So, it’s not raining, just windy and a bit chilly.  So put on a HH t-shirt with a merino longsleeve over the top.  Also wrapped up a lightweight running jacket with hood around the waist (hardly felt it).  And great.  Jogging out I could wrap the long sleeves over my hands, buff keeping my neck warm, running fast I could roll up the sleeves, buff wrapped around wrist to wipe away the sweat while the HH shirt kept me fairly dry.  Then at the end, sleeves go back over the arms, the buff goes on the head, and the jacket on and hood up. Walking back home in to the wind was fairly pleasant as a result.  Win.

Recovery: One mug of Cadburys Hot Chocolate = 15.5g of protein [6.8g from 200ml semi-skimmed milk + 7.7g from a serving of hot chocolate!] Plus 27.1g sugar (~100kcal).  Not to mention 0.53g sodium, or ~8% RDA. (Which surprisingly is the same as a small bag of Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps! Go figure!)

My whey protein mix has around 20g of protein and only 2g sugar.  If I were to mix that with water, I’d be better off with the hot chocolate, especially after a winter run! Similar level of protein, but more sugar and calories, and it’s hot.  And tastes damn good too!

“All types of milk, from whole to nonfat contain 18 amino acids: all nine of the essential amino acids; six semi-essential: arginine, cysteine, glycine, proline, serine and tyrosine; and three nonessential: alanine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid. These are the same amino acids found in eggs.” –

Looking at the back of the whey protein tub, there’s a load of amino acids on there.  And I usually mix the strawberry flavour with milk anyways, which would give me 35g of protein in a glass.  But if I’m on a run away from home, but near a café, I’ll be trying to order a hot chocolate, if not a latte.  Maybe I’ll have a protein shake with milk after a particularly punishing run, or when I want something cool and refreshing.  And who knows, I may get a tub of chocolate whey protein and add a scoop and experiment.

Looking at the Twining Swiss Hot Chocolate info, it also contains a load of vitamins and minerals crucial for metabolism of carbs, proteins and fats, as well as ATP release. We’re talking around 30% of RDA! Looks like I’ll be defecting to Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate as my recovery drink of choice this winter!

Keep warm.  Keep running.


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